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Well this is weird, last week I bought a box of wine and started drinking on Saturday, and woke up on Sunday with no recollection of any evening or night, thought it was still Saturday. Stayed sober all week and did the same this weekend. Exactly the same story, no recollection of it ever being night yet it's now 9:00 the next day.

I never had any dinner and never went to bed, yet here I am asking WTF.  It's like I was awake the whole time (I really tried to make an effort to keep track) yet many hours have passed and now it's the next day.

I get drunk a lot but this shit is freaking me out. How could I sit in this chair for so long without ever realizing it was night? How could I be getting my shit on without a break and suddenly realizing it's the next day?

I was even trying to take notice because of the week before yet here I am with no inkling that an entire evening went by.  I don't remember it ever getting dark!

Maybe you have an evil split personality that only comes out on Saturday night. Are there any recent murders done in the area?

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Why yes, yes there are!
And where were you while the cat was away, making like a mouse?

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Saturday Night Truver:

ever tried. ever failed. no matter. try again. fail again. fail better.

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Yeah, this all sounds about right to me ...

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Haha I'm gonna get some punani soon ya fucks!

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