Jane Doe: dave do you like anal?
Jane Doe: i mean, receiving?
Dave Thrash: never have, but I'm young
Jane Doe: haha
Dave Thrash: well, you never know; i may go to prison one day ...
Dave Thrash: I won't be as bad off as baggie, but still ...
Jane Doe: hahaha

Sasha?(Read 1068 times)
Sasha? on: May 23, 2010, 05:38:46 AM
Didn't you mention that you are in a band?

"Cuz I've found something that might be Right Up Your Alley!

Well, see if you like this:

Edie - live video montage

It just seems something that might interest you.

{She Kicks Ass, neh?}

Phade?  You've fallen woefully behind in your 2nz duties, dude
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