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Quora - It's Opened Up A Little As Of Late(Read 352 times)
Quora - It's Opened Up A Little As Of Late on: August 13, 2018, 12:25:34 PM
They used to "restrict" some of the content of questions ...
Now, I guess you can pretty much ask anything ...
I guess it's more-so now because Yahoo Answers has "retired" ...

I'll post some interesting examples that were supposedly "banned" or "moderated" previously ...

If you've been to prison, what do you wish you knew before being sent there?
Jim Christmas, Four years behind bars for another man's crime
I was lucky. The night before I was set to take my plea, some friends introduced me to a man who had just gotten out of prison.

One arm was holding the phone to this fellow while the other was busily packing up my apartment (hope for the best, but prepare for the worst).

He frantically tried to cram as much into my head as he could. Because this was possibly my last night as a free man, there was very little that I could do to prepare, but I tried like hell.

Here’s a mixture of things. Some are from my personal inmate advisor and some are my own additions:

  • Prepare a list of contacts - names, addresses, and phone numbers. Put this in an envelope with your name on the outside and plenty of postage on it. Give it to a friend. Once your prison address is determined, your friend will add it to the envelope under your name and drop it in the mail. If not for this little packet of paper, I would’ve been completely cut off from dozens of people.

  • If you have any money and a friend you can trust, ask them to put that money on your prison commissary account. You’re going to need a few things in prison like warmer clothes or better shoes.

    • Look up companies that provide local telephone numbers for inmates. These services establish a phone number for you that appears to be in the same zip code as the prison. When you call this number, it is automatically forwarded to your family, wherever they may be. This will save you an incredible sum of money. Several of my friends and family were using TelePigeon (I think).

    • Stay out of the TV room. It’s all politics and intrigue in that den of evil.

      • Never tell anyone about your criminal charge. There are people who will try and trade information about you for more favorable sentences for themselves. There’s nothing keeping them from mixing a bit of truth from you with information they get about you from someone on the outside, and embellishing your story.

      • Never let anyone know anything about your life on the outside.

        • Mind your own business.

        • “Respect” in prison means something different than it does on the outside. A large part of prison “respect” really refers to personal space. Give everyone and everyone’s things plenty of personal space.

          • Say “Excuse me” even when you don’t really feel like you should have to. Inmates have a way of making “Excuse me” rhyme with “fuck you,” but just politely make your way through the crowd to avoid problems.

          • Never, ever, agree to loan money, or hold anything for anyone.

            • Don’t gamble.

            • Learn to lose yourself in a book. The days will speed by if you’re reading stories you enjoy. It’s likely you will never again have the opportunity to do this much reading. Enjoy it. If you don’t read Kafka’s The Trial and Charrière’s Papillon while in prison, I will re-evaluate my opinion of you. ;-)

              • Set goals for yourself. This is like the worst Club Med vacation ever, but if you treat it as a “vacation” of sorts, lots will be easier. I had goals around writing letters, memorizing poetry, and reading some of the classics of literature.

              • Buy a sewing kit if they offer it on commissary.

                • Don’t throw anything away. You’ll assume that the empty peanut butter jar is trash, but the day after you toss it, you’ll need it.

                • Learn the tricks. Inmates know how to do and make all sorts of stuff.

                After you get out, try to let prison go. You can start recycling your peanut butter jars again.

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What is the difference between vaginal and anal sex from the women's perspective only?
Susan James

Vaginal sex is sweet, warm, intimate. With vaginal sex I feel that I’m melting into the guy and becoming one with him. My favorite position for vaginal is missionary because I love feeling the guy on top of me, I love looking into his eyes and stroking is face, neck and hair while he pounds me hard. I love the look on his face when he gets close to the edge and as he loses control and falls over the edge and he gasps and groans and I can feel him filling my wet warm tender pussy with his cum. I love stroking his face and exchanging tender kisses as he pants on top of me and I can feel his cum dribbling out of my pussy.

Anal sex is much more intense and makes me go deep inside myself. With anal I eventually lose awareness of where I am and who I’m with because the sensations of being stretched and opened and filled are overwhelming. With anal I feel like I’m being turned inside out and I feel a total loss of control. Anal, combined with clitoral play, gives me the most intense orgasms; my entire body shudders and I often squirt and moan like an animal. Afterward I’m totally limp and exhausted.

Best of all, however, is double penetration because it combines these two fantastic experiences together and then intensifies them about a thousand times. The only downside to DP is once you’ve experienced it you crave it all the time.

NOTE: Jots Down Name .....


How can I have a safe anal sex?
Here’s a 10-step plan for safe and pleasurable anal sex:

Hygiene — Go to the bathroom, empty your bowels, and jump into the shower to clean up with regular soap. You can use hypoallergenic, unscented baby wipes if you’re in a hurry.

Use a towel (optional) — This is completely up to but my wife & I find that it makes clean up that much easier afterwards. Body fluids & lube can stain the bed sheets so it’s worth using a towel and chucking it in the wash after.

Lubrication — Unlike the vagina, the anus doesn’t self-lubricate. So you want to make sure that you use plenty of lube. Not sure what kind? Here’s a great guide on the best lube for anal by HelloFlo.

Don’t skip foreplay — The biggest mistake that anal newbies make is that they try to replicate porn and go from zero to penis. This is where you’re going to get hurt. Start off with a sensual anal massage or offer your partner a rim job. Both acts of foreplay will help to tease the erotic nerve endings located at the anal opening and prep your booty for penetration.

Play safe — Unless you’re in a monogamous relationship and completely clean, always wear a condom.

Go slow — You need to start off by inserting the tip of your penis or butt plug. Let your body be comfortable with the sensations before going any further. Use more lubrication if needed.

Go on top — Let your partner go on top, especially if it’s his or her first time. Going on top allows you to dictate the speed and depth of penetration.

Communicate — A lot of couples and people don’t talk at all during sex. Change that! Tell your partner what to do, how you like it, to go faster or slower, etc.

Listen to your body — If it hurts you, stop. This isn’t a competition and never make penetration the be all or end all. It’s fine to say no and try again another time.

Anal aftercare — After you’ve finished, it’s a good idea to take some time and reflect upon what was good and what can be improved upon. Anal sex is extremely intimate so never underestimate this point.
And that’s all there is to it. Go out, practice safe sex, and have fun!


How do I make my anus smell less?
Nozomi Zoe, Hostess

Actually a good question. I am the right person to share all the anus secrets. My anus smells like roses every night since I perform nude as a stripper.

Eat healthy. Salads and fruits. Take as many vitamins as you can. If you eat healthy, your shits don’t stink as much and they flow nicely. Eat Junk food like meat, starch, or candy, you’ll be constipated within a day and your shits will just clog inside you. You will get bloated and fat. Also, if you eat these heavy foods, you’ll just be farting constantly and it will do no good for the smell of your anus. If you eat healthy, you won’t fart as much.

Be hairless. That’s right! Start waxing or try laser hair removal. Hair protects the area but can also make it sweaty. Plus, a hairless asshole is more beautiful.

Carry baby wipes everywhere.

Use intimate deodorant spray. Can be found in the woman’s shaving section of every grocery store.

Shower like five times a day. Okay maybe five times is a bit much. I’m highly addicted to buying sweet smelling soaps so I over indulge in the shower department.
So there you have it. That’s how to keep a clean asshole.



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Haha I'm gonna get some punani soon ya fucks!

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