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Marty Balin - Dead At 76 (Jefferson Airplane/Starship)(Read 67 times)
Marty Balin - Dead At 76 (Jefferson Airplane/Starship) on: September 28, 2018, 07:45:42 PM

Causes listed as "unknown" at this time, however, in August I remember reading about him wanting to sue a hospital about his heart ...

Speaking of which ....


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I don't blame him for trying to sue a hospital about a heart condition.
I started having problems like 4 years ago, I went in for shortness of breath, chest pain and little stamina. They hooked me up put me on a treadmill and said go. They monitored the results of my poor ass run, and the results said there is nothing wrong with your heart.  "Then why do I have this discomfort in  my chest?" They said, "there could be a number of reasons for" it but no further investigation.
That was 2 or better years ago and NOW they say I have "heart failure".
But I also only had 1/4 of the normal blood supply and had to have emergency transfusions so how can the original heart diagnosis be valid?
I think the Dr's. often at first, just guess.
And where were you while the cat was away, making like a mouse?