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Moaning is a decidedly effeminate expression and so does not fly. Makes a man sound like he's taking it in the ass.
Personally I find a combination of growling, snarling, and talking dirty will enliven a lady just fine.
Ha ha! It doesn't count when she's only trying to make you think she likes it so you don't kill her when you're done.
"You want to see your family again don't you? Then stop crying and just go with the flow baby, yeah that's it! Howwwwwwl! Come on, howl with me, it's so... liberating!"

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CFNM on: December 15, 2018, 07:35:09 PM
Hey thrash have you ever been involved or allowed yourself to be put in this position? This is a really good site explaining the phenomenon.

Everybody else please respond if you have feelings on the subject
And where were you while the cat was away, making like a mouse?

Re: CFNM Reply #1 on: December 15, 2018, 09:42:14 PM
Also I approached the woman across the street a few days ago and asked her if I could ask her about something personal and she said sure, yea. So a couple days later I reminded her I wanted to speak to her on a personal level and she was still agreeable.  But when I asked her if she liked looking at naked guys she had to catch her breath for a few moments and then when I asked her if she had ever heard of something called CFNM she really felt uncomfortable and went away for moment pretending to do something.  So I knew that she knew what it meant. Then she came back and I told her if she was at all interested I would love to do it for her. I also told her there were no obligations commitments or strings attached, that it was purely for entertainment purposes.

Now what I got from her was "I'll think about it" and "I'll keep that in mind."
That's sort of like a brush off but also kind of cute actually because if she wasn't interested at all then she should have cut me off right there or just engaged in an adult discussion about it. I thought I was dealing with a mature woman, not a little girl.

One thing I never heard from her was the word NO!
So something is still possible.     
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And where were you while the cat was away, making like a mouse?