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I think I probably had more fun douching this morning than I would've had on that weekend va-ca.

I rap.(Read 1321 times)
I rap. on: February 28, 2009, 02:26:45 PM
Some of you may have heard a few of these over on Thrashinc, but yeah check it out. I'm the next, "whiter-than-white" rapper.


I also fuck about on my Kaossilator.

Here's a little trancey build-up I created: http://austindude.com/myspace/kaoss.mp3

Here's a bad ass little beat I created: http://austindude.com/myspace/tightbeat.mp3
(Mind you this was on the fly with my fingers -- the only looped part is the background synth sound).

Best Buy has a BAD ASS music section now. I went over to a local one last weekend and played around on a couple of drum machines and a Korg KP3, which I have wanted for a long, long time. It's so incredible. Now to have an actual store I can buy one at locally! FUCK. I might have to put my "millionaire in the making" on hold.


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Whatever. We all know you're a talentless hack.

you treat me like a monologue ho

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Hell yeah. I'm a big Korg fan ever since I got my hands on the DS-10 synth. Definitely money well spent.

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I thought Korg was best in Korg: 70000 BC.

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Joaquin Phoenix.
A pleasant man with a pleasant weapon

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i like korg tuners

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Isnt rapping obsolete now?

Its all about the R&B? Or something?