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Or, you could submit some naked pictures of her to Suicide Girls, then she can become a Suicide Girl. Then you say, "Happy Birthday honey! This is your gift." Then you show her the naked pictures of her that are on Suicide Girls.

Has anyone else noticed...(Read 1978 times)
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"If you see a cumstained sign in the side of the road, it's just 15 miles to the ...RAAAAAPE BARN!
Rape Barn, Bay-beee ... (Rape Barn, Baby)
We're headed up your Hershey Highway ...
Gonna cum in your face ...
Gonna cum in your face ..
I've got me a Kong Dong, it's as big as a whale,
And it's gonna split your tail ... (Ooooo!)
We've got us an orgy, My face can seat twenty,
Hurry up and let's all get sweaty ...
The Rape Barn is a little old place where,
we use whips and feather-rrs ...
Rape Barn, Bay-beee ... (Rape Barn, baby!)"


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Haha I'm gonna get some punani soon ya fucks!

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