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Hey, I look 12 so I dont give a fuck if she looks 12. She's not.
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What is that, the "Sandbox Defense"?

Has anyone else noticed...(Read 1778 times)
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"If you see a cumstained sign in the side of the road, it's just 15 miles to the ...RAAAAAPE BARN!
Rape Barn, Bay-beee ... (Rape Barn, Baby)
We're headed up your Hershey Highway ...
Gonna cum in your face ...
Gonna cum in your face ..
I've got me a Kong Dong, it's as big as a whale,
And it's gonna split your tail ... (Ooooo!)
We've got us an orgy, My face can seat twenty,
Hurry up and let's all get sweaty ...
The Rape Barn is a little old place where,
we use whips and feather-rrs ...
Rape Barn, Bay-beee ... (Rape Barn, baby!)"


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Haha I'm gonna get some punani soon ya fucks!

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