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Kramer’s new Striker collection is so retro even the prices are ‘80s(Read 203 times)
Dive bombing prices and shredding hefty price tags, these revamped metal machines are built for speed.

If your guitarsenal is missing a Floyd Rose-equipped shred machine, you might want to check out Kramer’s new Striker collection.

Revived by Gibson, the Kramer brand has returned in full ‘80s style with a selection of iconic axes ranging from entry level to pro.

Touted as “speed demons with looks that kill,” the new Strikers are currently retailing for less than £350.
“These Strikers, living in Kramer's Modern Collection, cover the demands of a wide range of players including Floyd Rose fans, those who need a diverse assortment of pickups, and AAA maple figured lovers.
The new Kramer Strikers arrive in the form of three unique models: the Striker HSS (Floyd Rose); the Striker Figured HSS (Floyd Rose); and the Striker Figured HSS (Stop Tail).

All feature a trio of Alnico 5 pickups, comprising a zebra-coil bridge ‘bucker along with two single coils.

Sporting a Floyd Rose locking vibrato, the Striker HSS is available in right- and left-handed formats and appears in a choice of three finishes: Majestic Purple, Jumper Red and Ebony.

The Striker Figured HSS guitars can be purchased with either a Floyd Rose vibrato or Stop Bar tailpiece.

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